3D Championship Golf is a challenging 9 hole golf course that will test your ability to hit the ball far & straight.  Get the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible and avoid the hazards & out of bounds to keep penalty strokes off your score card.

Instructions: To hit the ball, place your mouse by the golfer.  Click to start the power bar moving and again to stop the power bar.  Then click a 3rd time to stop the direction of the SNAP bar.  Use your arrow keys to move the direction you’re aimed.  Pretty simple right.  Have fun.

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  1. well Daniel, it would appear the Real Loser would be someone who would just come on here to post their dribble!

    Please don’t take it to hard though as we all know Golfers are forgiving and friendly, so have a great day!

  2. o.k. game it wont alow me to tee off with full power
    and center acuracy. why? when it’s a little off wher i don’t
    want it then it lets my guy hit the ball.

  3. if the distances were better and there was some way to predict putting, the game wouldnt be bad. But the putting is awful. All you have to go by is a yellow arrow for the slop, and you have no clue how hard you need to hit it. maybe if there were a line on the power to go off of, or something.

  4. Shot a 29 after hours that should have been spent doing something more worthwhile. And yes, I’m darn proud of it.

  5. 11 under , 25 best score possible…. birdied every singe hole and eagled both par 5s

    Is it impossible to chip in ?

  6. Beat my best score today. 31. That’s -5. An eagle 3 birdies and the rest pars.

    Man I rule.

  7. Need more variety in par…some short par threes, doglegs…every hole the same except for straight line hazards….

  8. Bogey-free -5…what a game!!! If Tiger want his 5th Augusta green jacket he should watch this game

  9. this is one of only 3 games i play on the computer.
    it is my favorite. i also play it to get a barometer on how calm i am. i play once or twice daily.

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