Crazy Golfing

  • Turbo Golf

    Turbo Golf is an exiting, fast paced golfing game that will keep you entertained for minutes, if not hours.  The object here is to get the ball in the hole as fast as you possibly can.  However your opponents are trying to do the same thing in their quest to be the golf champion.  There are no turns in this game.  Everyone can fire away as quickly as possible.   You ...

  • Disk Golf

    Disk golf isn't just for hippies any more.  Now you can enjoy the fun of throwing a Frisbee all over the place, trying to get it to land in a bunch of chains. Instructions: Select the proper disc for the shot.  Click on the disk and drag to choose the angle and power.  Then release the mouse to throw.  Complete the course in the least amount of throws to get a high score.

  • Cat & Bow Golf

    So you're a cat, with a stupid bow and arrow and you're trying to hit these targets suspended in mid air.  It's set up like a golf course and if you over shoot your targets you end up out of bounds.  It's not your traditional golf game, but hey, this isn't your traditional golf game site.  Shoot your way around the course if you've got the skills.

  • Golf Jam

    Welcome to Golf Jam, a fun cartoon based online golf game that will challenge and entertain you at the same time. To begin, select the golfer you want to use and click Play.  You can control your shot direction by moving your mouse.  The wind will effect the direction your ball flies, so be sure to watch the wind indicator and adjust your aim accordingly. Click the power meter to start the ...

  • Putting Mad Golf

    Welcome to Putting Mad Golf. Trust us when we say this game will drive you mad, as it's one of the more difficult golf games we've found. You only have a limited amount of time to get a certain amount of putts in the hole. To putt, align the arrow towards the hole, click the mouse and pull away in the opposite direction. When you think you've got the right amount of power to get ...

  • Driving Mad Golf

    Get as many balls on the green as you can before time runs out. Receive extra time for hitting birds that are flying over. Take the wind direction in to account when hitting your shot. Keep the ball out of the sand and water to avoid time penalties. This is one golf game that will seem pretty easy at first, but after a few levels get's incredibly difficult.

  • Puffin Putt

    Play your way through 18 levels of putting fun. Avoid the sand and moving blocks. Use the ice to your advantage. Are the hills a help or a hindrance? Can you make it through all 18 levels?