Get as many balls on the green as you can before time runs out. Receive extra time for hitting birds that are flying over. Take the wind direction in to account when hitting your shot. Keep the ball out of the sand and water to avoid time penalties. This is one golf game that will seem pretty easy at first, but after a few levels get’s incredibly difficult.

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  1. good but do you have to have that annoying eco ad? some people don’t give a sh*t and just want to play a game

  2. hi i’ve gone on this game lots of times and its good,but it gets easer every time you play its cos,practise makes perfect!

  3. Good game, I got 24,199 and two holes in ones!!! Wish I could do that on a real golf course. The holes in ones that is, think I would be there all day if I took 24,199 strokes!!!

  4. No you’re not.
    I got 31,506 but I have to admit I got a practically ‘no-wind’ day where I was blasting holes in one regularly and knocking those pelicans out of the sky equally regularly.

  5. Oh Laurie, what did you go and do that for?!!!

    Does this mean I’ve got to spend another 90 days trying to beat 32542 now, my wife will be pleased!!

  6. can you imagine I got every bird and all my shots were hole in one. I could not believe my eyes, 93,970 this is one awesome game

  7. Nahh… sorry Bill but is this a tongue firmly in cheek score?!!

    If it’s legit’, can you let me in on the secret of how you hit “every bird” as I don’t seem to have enough time to get enough shots off before they go off the screen.

  8. Does anyone know what’s a good score on this one? My best is obviously NOT the 9,000,000,001 posted earlier but a measly 41,428!!

  9. I got 46,459 back in Sept. Got 40k+ a couple more times. Your score is among the best I’ve seen….

    This game can drive a person insane….

  10. I’ve cracked the 40,000 but once and you will need favourable wind conditions and an enormous amount of luck to crack 40,000.

  11. Cheers for that Jack, nice score by the way!
    I can’t get near the 40k mark any more, c.37 is the most I’ve hit since my best score. Probably because I’m going blind playing the addictive bl–dy thing!!

  12. i love golf and i love these kind of games this i the best golfing game i have ever played we have a playstation2 and we have 3 golfing games 4 our playstation2 it is fantastic!

  13. Am I the first to log a score on this new version or did I miss someone…..? Anyway, please feel free to take the mickey out of 65768 if it’s not very good!

  14. Oh Jack, what did you have to go and do that for?!!!

    I thought I’d done OK by getting up to 129,153 and then I see your score…..

    Agree, much better game now though.

  15. 229,452 – level 21, ran out of time. I’m sure that small 15 pointer bird doesn’t register hits every time!! Thass my excuse anyway!!

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