There’s a very difficult mini golf course that has your name on it. Do you think you have the golf skills to navigate your way around this treacherous course and shoot a low score?

Use your mouse to aim the red arrow in the direction you want to hit the ball. Pull away from the arrow with your mouse button clicked to increase the power of your shot. Try to hit the ball into the hole in the fewest strokes possible. Keep an eye on the course for arrows and other indicators that will tell you the direction the ball is going to roll when you hit it in a certain area. This will help you avoid obstacles and score better.

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  1. Game stinks! Whoever thought this one up needs to learn to play the real game. Some of the holes are impossible. Get real!

  2. Joe Serrano you are dumb lol this game is so easy ive made all the holes on one 1 stroke already.

  3. Joe Serrano is 100% correct. What is the point of a game where you can’t possibly get there in the number of shots required, where the physics are absolutely unrealistic and where you just end up feeling that you could have spent your time a lot more prductively elsewhere? There’s a lot of better golf games out there cause this must be down in the bottom 1%.

  4. some poeple who think these games up have a lot of time up there sleeves hint get a hobby please

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