Golf Hooked has recently been updated to the latest version, which has made a bunch of great improvements in the game play. We think you’ll like this version of Golf Hooked even more than the old one. As in the previous game, you’re in for a challenge. You’ll need to make sure you’re lined up in the proper direction for the shot or you’ll be hitting the golf ball out of bounds every time.  Also take note of the club you’re using.  The default club is the driver, which is fine for your tee shots, but when you get into the fairway, be sure to change clubs for the appropriate distances.  You don’t want to be hitting a 90 yard shot with your driver.  You will not score very well this way.

Instructions:  Use your mouse to adjust the alignment arrow for your golfer.  Make sure it’s pointing toward the green or fairway and away from water or other hazards.  One you have it positioned where you like, click the mouse to lock in that location.  Place your mouse on the golf swing meter in the lower right section of the screen.  Click once to start the meter moving, which is your backswing.  When the meter gets to the top and starts back down, click your mouse again when the two lines are aligned at the bottom.  This will give you a powerful, straight shot.  If you click before or after those lines are on each other you will slice or hook the ball.

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  1. Hello, Golf hooked has released a new golf game. Very advanced and will please any golf lover. make sure to visit golf hooked to check out the new game. Thank you

  2. This game doesn’t go foward after a hole in one on the first hole. They do not show the scores while you are playing. Not a good game but could have possiblities if you would fix the problems of not showing what is clicked on.,

  3. very very very very very very very very very very very very bad game!!! I regret my decision of playing this game. Now I will get nightmares about this game.

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