The Game List


  • Silly Golf

    Silly golf is just plain silly, but that doesn't mean it's easy. This golf game is based on most of the classic miniature golf flash games, but it can be very tricky. Navigate your way around the 18 holes of mini golf in a few strokes as possible. There's going to be some obstacles trying to disrupt the path of your golf ball, so be sure to ...

  • Supreme Golf

    Welcome to Supreme Golf, the exciting golf simulator that will test your golf skills to the max. Pick the golf you want to use and then tee off. Use your mouse to adjust the two orange arrows. This is where you will hit the ball so always make sure it's lined up toward the fairway or green. Once your aligned properly, place your mouse on the golfer. Click and hold ...

  • Flash Golf 2001

    Welcome to Flash Golf 2001.  Navigate your way around this treacherous golf course and try your best to shoot a low score.  It's not as easy of a course as it looks.

  • Adventure Golf

    Adventure Golf is set in a family fun park. Challenge yourself and your friends to a great game of mini golf and see who can get around the course in the fewest strokes. Instructions: To begin each hole, use your mouse to choose a position on the green tee box and click to drop your ball. To aim your stroke, pull your mouse away from the ball. Arrows will appear to ...

  • Golf Hooked

    Golf Hooked has recently been updated to the latest version, which has made a bunch of great improvements in the game play. We think you'll like this version of Golf Hooked even more than the old one. As in the previous game, you're in for a challenge. You'll need to make sure you're lined up in the proper direction for the shot or you'll be hitting the golf ball out of bounds every time.  Also ...

  • Cat & Bow Golf

    So you're a cat, with a stupid bow and arrow and you're trying to hit these targets suspended in mid air.  It's set up like a golf course and if you over shoot your targets you end up out of bounds.  It's not your traditional golf game, but hey, this isn't your traditional golf game site.  Shoot your way around the course if you've got the skills.

  • 99 Hole Mini Golf

    The goal in 99 Hole Mini Golf is to get around the miniature golf course in as few strokes possible, while collecting as many points as you can along the way. Each score per hole will be given a point value. A score of 1 = 1000 points, 2 = 2000 points and so on. Collect the extra tokens on the course for bonus points in this realistic golf game. Instructions: Use the ...

  • Driving Mad Golf

    Get as many balls on the green as you can before time runs out. Receive extra time for hitting birds that are flying over. Take the wind direction in to account when hitting your shot. Keep the ball out of the sand and water to avoid time penalties. This is one golf game that will seem pretty easy at first, but after a few levels get's incredibly difficult.

  • Disk Golf

    Disk golf isn't just for hippies any more.  Now you can enjoy the fun of throwing a Frisbee all over the place, trying to get it to land in a bunch of chains. Instructions: Select the proper disc for the shot.  Click on the disk and drag to choose the angle and power.  Then release the mouse to throw.  Complete the course in the least amount of throws to get a high score.

  • X Golf

    If you want to play free golf games, then you're in the right place. X Golf is your standard mini golf game, but there are considerably more obstacles on the holes that you will need to navigate, including black holes, sand traps and slippery water hazards. Keep away from these problems and you'll set yourself up for a good score. Instructions: Use your mouse to aim left and right. Click ...