Kim Jong Golf

We’ve all heard the sensational claims about the Great leader of North Korea and his 38 under par round of golf that took place years ago.  Well now you can recreate this unbelievable round of golf with his son Kim Jong-un.  You get to tee it up at the famous 7,700-yard Pyongyang Golf Course and see if you can break the -38 record.  It’s not going to be easy.

Instructions:  Try to make a hole in one on every hole and if anyone questions your score, send them to a prison camp or worse.

St. Mulligans 3 Putt Golf

St. Mulligan’s 3 Putt Golf is a super fun mini golf game where you can challenge a buddy to a friendly game of crazy golf on a floating miniature golf course.  Each player can select the golfer they want to use. Choose from the old man golfer, a weird goth looking guy, the Scottish swordsman and a bee.  Yeah a bee.  Strange huh?  Once you choose your golfer you’re ready to play.  Use your mouse to align the golfer in the direction you want to hit the putt.  Once you have your player aligned, move your mouse in the opposite direction of the shot to set the power of your putt.  Click the mouse button to putt the ball.

Try to get the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible.  Do this and you’ll beat the pants off your opponent.  Please, no betting games.  Thanks.

Island Mini Golf

Enjoy this fun miniature golf game and challenge yourself in an island setting with difficult holes and obstacles. With 18 holes of golf to play, you’ll need to hit accurate putts if you want to score low. Avoid the sand traps and other hazards such as crabs and hills to keep your score down.  Be sure to post your low score in the Game Review section below.  Have fun.

How to Play:

  • Place your ball on the mat where you want to start from
  • Click your mouse on the ball and pull away from the ball to set your shot strength.
  • Use your mouse to align the white arrow where you want to hit your golf ball
  • Release the mouse to hit the shot.
  • The longer the white arrow, the more powerful your shot will be.

Power Golf

Now we’ve come across a really fun golf game with Power Golf.  The object of the game, as usual, is to get the ball into the hole in the least amount of strokes possible, but this game has a twist.  You can hit the ball through various bonus areas that will give you perks, such as longer hitting distance and a HUGE hole, making it easier to get the ball into the cup.  You will need to avoid obstacles like mountains and sand traps if you want to shoot a good score.  There’s 18 holes on this online golf course, so you’ll have lots of chances to hit fun shots.

Use your mouse to to click on the golf club.
While holding the mouse button, drag the mouse to make the red arrow larger or smaller.
The larger the arrow gets, the more power you will hit the ball with.
Look at your golf course map at the top of the screen to figure out where the hole is and where to hit the ball.  Have fun.

Superstar Golf

Superstar golf is a fun golf simulation game with real world golf conditions. Choose your golf character based on their different golf skills and hit the links. You have hazards and wind conditions to consider before you choose the club for each shot online, making this a very realistic golf experience.

Instructions: To hit the golf ball, press SPACE once to start the power meter. Press SPACE again to stop it on the power you want. Then press SPACE a third time to stop the direction on the “Snap” Bar. To change the view and the direction, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Graveyard Golf

This is a seriously fun golf game with an 18 hole miniature golf course set in a graveyard. Try not to get to scared, but you’re going to need some serious golf skills to get around this track without losing your cool . At the beginning of each hole, click to place the golf ball on one of the three starting locations.

Instructions: Move the mouse to adjust the power and angle of your shot. Click to hit the ball. Try to get the ball into the hole in the fewest number of strokes. Watch out for various obstacles on each hole such as skulls, spiders and water hazards.

X Golf

If you want to play free golf games, then you’re in the right place. X Golf is your standard mini golf game, but there are considerably more obstacles on the holes that you will need to navigate, including black holes, sand traps and slippery water hazards. Keep away from these problems and you’ll set yourself up for a good score.

Instructions: Use your mouse to aim left and right. Click on the yellow arrow and drag it out farther to build more power for your shot. Once you have your aim and power where you want it, click the left mouse button to hit your putt. Remember, fewer strokes is better, so go for those hole’s in one.

Silly Golf

Silly golf is just plain silly, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. This golf game is based on most of the classic miniature golf flash games, but it can be very tricky. Navigate your way around the 18 holes of mini golf in a few strokes as possible. There’s going to be some obstacles trying to disrupt the path of your golf ball, so be sure to avoid those to make the best score.

Instructions: Once you’ve placed your ball on the tee mat, use your mouse to aim where you want to hit the golf ball. The white line shows the direction the golf ball will go. Then, move your mouse in the opposite direction from where the white arrow is pointed. The farther away you move, the more power you have on your shot. Click the left mouse button to hit the ball. Use your arrow keys to get a better view of the hole.

Santa Golf

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is upset that he can’t be out on the golf course, so he decides to play a round of indoor golf while delivering the presents to all the bad little girls and boys.  Maybe Santa should have visited to play free golf games online instead.

Instructions: The objective, as usual, is to get the golf ball in the hole in the fewest strokes possible. Use your mouse to move the arrow and power meter, then click when you’re ready to hit the ball.

Adventure Golf

Adventure Golf is set in a family fun park. Challenge yourself and your friends to a great game of mini golf and see who can get around the course in the fewest strokes.

Instructions: To begin each hole, use your mouse to choose a position on the green tee box and click to drop your ball. To aim your stroke, pull your mouse away from the ball. Arrows will appear to show you the direction and power of your stroke. The farther apart the arrows, the more power you will have with your shot. When you are happy with your aim and power, click your mouse to hit putt the ball.

Golf Drive

Your objective is to play a pre-historic round of golf with your trusty catapult through a Jurassic landscape. 18 holes total, each getting more difficult than the last. Unlike a normal game of golf, you have to drive where you hit your ball, which can get tricky on some levels, so drive carefully and try not to fall off the edge of the golf course. If you do, it will cost you an extra shot. the more you have to drive around to get to your ball the less points you will receive.

Instructions: The arrow keys move your catapult around when you don’t have the golf ball. Up and down arrows control the angle of the launch. Use your mouse to control the power meter (click and drag it up and down). To throw the golf ball, release your mouse button.

Squirrel Golf 2

Ok, we’ll be the first one’s to admit that Squirrel Golf 2 is a pretty bad golf game, but if you like whacking squirrels with a golf club, then this is the golf game for you. Your goal is to tee up a squirrel and hit it into the hole as many times as possible. Again, this seems like it should be a relatively easy golf game, but it’s not. Hitting the squirrels into the hole is extremely challenging. Try it for yourself.

Instructions: To begin click on one of the squirrels in the line and place them on the tee. Watch your power meter on the left and when it’s powered up, press the space bar to hit the squirrel to the hole.

Beer Golf

Welcome to beer golf. Your goal here is to navigate your way around the Widmer Brothers mini golf course in as few strokes as possible. Try not to hit the beer bottles as they will knock your ball all over the place and make it even more difficult to get the ball in the hole.

Instructions: To begin each hole, use your mouse to choose a position within the green tee box, and click to drop your ball. To aim your stroke, pull your mouse away from the ball. Arrows will appear to show you the direction and power of the stroke. The farther apart the arrows, the more powerful your shot will be. When you are happy with the aim and power, click your mouse to putt the ball. Keep in mind you can bank your ball off the sites and wedges for different angles of attack.

Hack Attack Golf

Hack Attack puts you at a series of virtual golf driving ranges. Just like real driving ranges, your main goal it so blast the golf ball pick up cart until it no longer moves.  This is going to be a lot of fun.

Instructions:  To aim, point the arrow with your mouse.  To shoot, hold the mouse button down until the power bar reaches the level you want, then release the mouse button.  The longer you hold the button down, the farther your shot will go.  You have a limited number of golf balls, so you have to hit them wisely.   You also have a limited number of golf clubs, and if you break too many your game is over.  Have fun.

Platform Golf

Platform Golf takes golf to a whole new level. No clubs & no wind, just the ball and a bunch of difficult levels and structures stand between you and the hole. This golf game may look simple at the beginning, but you’ll soon find out that navigating the course with the right balance of power and aim will challenge even the most seasoned golfers. There’s 18 holes of golf to play on Platform Golf, so hopefully you won’t get too frustrated after 9.

Instructions: To aim your shot, move your cursor further away from the aiming tool to give it more power – after you’ve decided on the power and angle, click with the left mouse button to “knock” the ball. With the overall goal of the game being to complete each hole in the least amount of knocks possible, and no par on any hole, you’re playing for fun.

Disk Golf

Disk golf isn’t just for hippies any more.  Now you can enjoy the fun of throwing a Frisbee all over the place, trying to get it to land in a bunch of chains.

Instructions: Select the proper disc for the shot.  Click on the disk and drag to choose the angle and power.  Then release the mouse to throw.  Complete the course in the least amount of throws to get a high score.

Cat & Bow Golf

So you’re a cat, with a stupid bow and arrow and you’re trying to hit these targets suspended in mid air.  It’s set up like a golf course and if you over shoot your targets you end up out of bounds.  It’s not your traditional golf game, but hey, this isn’t your traditional golf game site.  Shoot your way around the course if you’ve got the skills.

Gavin the Golf Pro Goblin

This game is well…just plain weird.  You’re Gavin, and he’s a golf professional, however he’s more interested in bashing other golfers in the head with clubs than actually shooting a good score.

Use the space bar to hit the golf ball, and to bash other golfers until they bleed.  Use the arrow keys to run after your ball. Have fun

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